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Contacting Michelle

Would you like to arrange a Speaking Engagement, Media Appearance, Book Signing, Class or Energy Body Readings for your event? Not quite sure what you'd like to hear most? Take a look at the catalogue of Michelle's most popular classes and lectures. Most classes are designed to be flexible for both group size and time, and can be adapted to meet your individual needs.

For More Information

For more information on energy work, vampirism, spirits and hauntings, or other topics, check out Michelles many books on the topics or visit the articles section of the House Kheperu website or the Twilight Path website.

Booksignings, Convention Appearances, University Appearances

Do you want to book a fascinating, intense, and truly unique speaker for your college or university? Would you like to invite Michelle to speak at your convention, do a book signing at your store, or teach a class? Please contact Michelle at michelle@michellebelanger.com.

Media Appearances

Do you run a radio show, podcast, or television program that you want Michelle to appear on? Please contact Michelle's publicity team at Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. at: publicity@llewellyn.com. For inquiries related to Michelle's publications through Weiser, email publicity@redwheelweiser.com


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