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Would you like to arrange a Speaking Engagement, Media Appearance, Book Signing, Class or Energy Body Readings for your event? Not quite sure what you'd like to hear most? These are among Michelle's most popular classes and lectures. Most classes are designed to be flexible for both group size and time, and can be adapted to meet your individual needs.

A World of Psychic Energy
Are we all psychic? If so, how do we develop our natural psychic gifts? In this engaging seminar, best-selling author and energy worker, Michelle Belanger, will introduce you to the concept of psychic energy, explaining how almost all of our psychic perceptions revolve around awareness of this energy. Learn how your perception of the psychic energy in the world around you can open up your innate abilities of psychic healing, empathy, psychometry, spirit mediumship, and much more!
Run time: 75 minutes

DaVinci Codes and National Treasures
Author Michelle Belanger explores the influence of magick and the occult in the lives of famous people throughout history. Think the conspiracies of strange beliefs in The DaVinci Code are beyond accepting? Discover just how many influential writers, artists, and great thinkers believed in magick and other occult phenomenon. Once shrouded in secrecy, track how these forbidden beliefs shaped their works ... which in turn shaped our modern world.
Run time: 75 minutes

Death and Rebirth: The Rite of Seven Gates

When a shaman is first initiated as a walker-between-worlds, he or she typically undergoes a ritual death and rebirth. In Western culture,those who undergo a near death experience often come back forever changed. In this intensive rite, Michelle will lead everyone on a deep, guided journey that ultimately ends in the hall of the dead. Combining material from Tibetan, Sumerian, and ancient Egyptian sources, this demanding ritual will help to shatter your illusions so you may achieve a clearer vision of who you really are.
Run time: two hours

The Art of Dreamwalking
Every night, our physical bodies shut down, and we are free to roam the pathways of mind and spirit. Most dreamers never reach beyond their own internal realms, but the gate is there, should we choose to walk through it. Author Michelle Belanger offers a guided tour of the fascinating landscape of dreams, teaching participants to achieve lucidity while dreaming, to consciously shape their own internal dreamworlds, and ultimately to travel to distant friends and family members through the medium of dreams.
Run time: 75 minutes

Eldritch Tomes: Lovecraft, Magick, and the Occult
A decaying Victorian mansion. A dwindling family fortune. An eccentric recluse whose mysterious illnesses cannot be cured. These are the classic elements of one of the brooding, supernatural tales of pulp writer, H.P. Lovecraft. Curiously, they are also elements of his real life. In this multi-media presentation, Michelle explores Lovecraft and his works, delving into his inspiration and influences, including the basis for his fictional yet dreaded tome, The Necronomicon.
Run time: 75 minutes

Magick and the Middle Sex
For many Pagans, divinity is expressed as God or Goddess, but what of those who fall between? Gender, sex, and orientation combine in many complicated ways, and more and more Pagans are finding that a traditional vision of two sexes just does not account for everyone. What is the role of the Middle Sex in magick? What established roles can we look to in history and myth? Join author Michelle Belanger in exploring the magickal roles of third sexed, asexual, and pansexual practitioners.
Run time: 75 minutes

The Music is the Magick
Words have power, and when married to music, that power is expanded many times over. Join author and vocalist Michelle Belanger on an interactive journey in writing and performing spells and ritual in musical form. Explore the building blocks of rhythm, poetry, myth, and sound and see how these can be used to create powerful magick that speaks deeply to our ancient souls. We will consider how to infuse our voices with power and energy and how to project this magick in live performances as well as in recorded works.
Run time: 75 minutes

Psychic Blind Man's Bluff
Vital energy is everywhere in the world around us, generated by all living things. People have their own unique energy signatures, and in this entertaining, hands-on class, best-selling author Michelle Belanger shows you how to perceive that energy. Learn to sense the energy of the people around you, and then learn how to fine-tune that sense to you can tell the difference from one person to the next. Wear comfortable clothes, however, for this workshop requires that you get up, move around the room, and play with your perceptions of energy.
Run time: 90 minutes

Psychic Self-Defense
It takes a thief to catch a thief. At least, that is the principle behind this crash-course in psychic self-defense. Best-selling author Michelle Belanger is an expert on psychic vampires, because she is one herself. In this innovative class, she brings her expertise on energy exchange to the table, explaining why some people feed on the energy of others, how this can sometimes be consensual, and learn how to defend yourself if you become the victim of a psychic predator.
Run time: 75 minutes

Psychic Vampires: Separating Myth from Reality
Everyone has encountered that one person who seems to leave them drained dry. Emotional and needy, such people suck the very life out of those around them. By the classic definition of the term, these people are psychic vampires -- individuals who, for one reason or another, need to take the vital force of others. Many manuals on psychic self-defense have warned against these energy predators, but they only give part of the story. Michelle Belanger, best-selling author and psychic vampire will shatter the myths and misconceptions concerning psychic vampirism.
Run time: 75 minutes

Reading the Energy Body
We are beings of both matter and spirit, and just as we get regular check-ups for our physical bodies, our subtle bodies need regular maintenance as well. Like Siamese twins, the health of one has a marked influence over the health of the other. Author Michelle Belanger introduces the concept of the subtle body, teaching particpants how to sense major structures such as the chakras and energy channels. Learn how to perceive the overall shape of a person's energy body, and how to identify stagnant, blocked, or damaged areas of energy. Finally, Michelle will introduce particpants to a variety of methods for improving energetic health, including how to deal with stagnant energy, energetic intrusions, and even parasitic spirits.
Run time: two hours

Kheprian Ritual Workshop, Part I
The three castes of House Kheperu are not only mythically significant according to our shared history. They make good energetic sense as well. In this hands-on presentation, We will explore the tripartite nature of energy and see how the caste roles can be applied to ritual. Then we will practice this new method of building and maintainin sacred space, in preparation for a later workshop where we will collectively build our own ritual.
Run time: 90 minutes

Kheprian Ritual Workshop, Part II
In the magickal system of House Kheperu, each person dedicates to a caste, and this caste determines the person's role in ritual. All three castes actively participate in the process of building ritual space and maintaining that space for the duration of the ritual. In this second part of the ritual introducing Kheprian ritual techniques, we will build a ritual together, exploring the concept of the castes and how they fit into energy work.
Run time: two hours

Vampires: the Real Underworld
Think vampires are just bad guys on Buffy and Blade? Think again. Michelle Belanger, author, performer, and ... vampire opens wide the doors to the real underworld -- a thriving modern subculture of self-proclaimed living vampires. Meet vampire lifestylers, psychic vampires, and blood drinkers in this multi-media adventure that allows you to view the secrets of a fascinating modern phenomenon through vampire's eyes. Explore the evolution of the vampire from a fearsome creature of folklore to a seductive icon of pop culture.
Run time: 75 minutes


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